While SUV’s are good at going off-road, sometimes they are also stopped by some natural obstacles, such as deep snow or fine sand. Solution – tracks instead of wheels. Obviously, this transformation doesn’t really have a practical purpose, but some enthusiasts just enjoy looking different and driving in places where it shouldn’t be possible. Just look at this Audi S1 have fun on some beach in Europe.

You can simply buy snow tracks for a pickup truck or SUV. The conversion kit is simple to install and, if done properly, will not damage the car. However, in some cases some minor modifications will be needed. For example, we can see that bumpers of this Audi S1 have been cut to accommodate large tracks. Other than that, the car looks pretty stock, but we cannot say for certain. Have a look.

Obviously, these tracks are meant to be used in snow. We recon, this tracked S1 would probably look better in snow too – a standard Audi with a Quattro all-wheel drive system could drive around this beach without a problem. We definitely don’t know another S1 like this, so we can congratulate the owner for having such a unique little vehicle.


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