Even if you are not interested, you probably have seen them. Motivational videos are extremely popular on YouTube and people spend hours on end searching for the one that will inspire them to do better. To run quicker, jump higher, be wealthier, to work harder and so on. All these videos are crap and do not work, but we have an alternative for you.

You see, the problem with motivational videos is that they are very well directed by someone. It is like a short movie in which the main character gets beaten up but manages to stand up immediately and move towards his goal. But in reality, you don’t really get to see him stand up, you don’t feel his pain and everything looks fake, because it is.

Sometimes these videos use images of real people commonly regarded as very successful. Short clips are taken from various speeches that these people have given at different events to which lazy people attend. But then again, you cannot image the person jumping from one failure to another. It might have taken years until he or she managed to become somewhat successful, so it cannot just be put into a short video clip or a speech. You simply cannot show every single hit a person takes before he or she finally succeeds. Or can you?

Although I strongly believe that most motivational videos are useless, this one is sort of an exception. Although it is centred around skateboarding, there are lessons to be learned for everyone. And you can really see every slam the skater took over the course of a few years. It took him two years of endless blows, broken boards and ripped pants until he finally managed to perform that one trick. This video does not scream at you, it does not tell you what to do. There is no direct motivation on it, unless you are an actual skateboarder. But somehow it helps finding motivation in yourself if you trace parallels between his falls and problems in your own life.

Without further nonsense – here is the video


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