Before the dawn of smart technology, television was extremely important in a child’s life. The rhythm of the days revolved around the TV schedule – you woke up earlier just to watch your favourite cartoons and came back running from the playground to see the latest episode of children’s TV shows. Now everything comes on demand, so children of today’s generation should learn to appreciate what we went through back in a day. Do you remember these TV shows? Today Nodum collected 5 interesting facts about your favourite children TV shows.

Did Tom and Jerry just kill themselves at the last episode? This is somewhat of a grim story as you might have guessed. In the “Blue Cat Blues” episode, which aired in 1956, a sad story is portrayed. Tom is sitting on a railroad track, while Jerry (who’s a narrator in this case) tells a story about Tom falling in love with a fancy-looking lady cat. However, there is another contender, who is richer, smoother and better looking. Tom does everything he can, even sells his arm and a leg, but at the end the love of his life gets married to the rich dude. Now Tom is awaiting a train to end his misery. Jerry states that he is happy about his girlfriend but at the last second he sees her pass by with another mouse with a “Just married” sign on the back. So now both of them sit on the track and wait for the end.

Hundreds of articles state that Tom and Jerry killed themselves. But did they really? They could survive everything – falling from rocks, getting hit by cars, electric shock and much more. So in this flexible reality they could’ve walked away fine after the train hit them. Furthermore, it wasn’t the last episode of the series – it continued for two more years.

On the other hand, this suicide scene was enough for the episode to be banned in several countries. There was something almost too real about the mood at the end of the episode that got some people into thinking that it might be a bit too much for the children.

Disgusting inspiration for “Dragon Ball”. This anime series was extremely successful. Aliens fighting other aliens using energy balls – what’s not to like? But did you know that “Dragon Ball” took its inspiration from two old fairy tales? The first one, “Journey to the West” is about a monkey boy travelling on a cloud and having lots of miniature things that could go to its normal size when he wanted them to. Nothing that interesting, but that is what inspired Goku.

The second one, “The Eight Dog Chronicles” (“Nanso Satomi Hakkenden”) was written some time in the 19th century. It is about a princess who had SEX with her father’s DOG. Then somehow eight crystal balls appeared and turned into people. Producers of “Dragon Ball” used seven balls to differentiate themselves from this ancient bestiality. Still gross though.

Where do Powerpuff girls live? In Townsville, of course – this is mentioned in every episode. However, three girls with superpowers could be living somewhere in the real world – or at least that’s what fans think.

The producers of „Powerpuff girls“ chose the word „Townsville“ for one reason – to make it as generic as possible, so that people would not think it is based on a real location. However, in one of the episodes a small detail was mentioned – the actual geographic coordinates of 32 degrees north and 212 degrees west. Fans quickly took the hint and checked these coordinates only to find a location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, far away from any land.

Phineas and Ferb – popular brothers who rarely meet. Phineas and Ferb is a TV series about two brothers not wasting a single day of their summer vacation. They are building roller coasters, fighting mummy zombies, flying to space, while their pet platypus is solving crimes.  Phineas and Ferb became the most recognized pair of siblings in the animation world, overtaking Liza and Bart from “The Simpsons”. However, the actors who provide the voices to the two characters are said not to meet very often. In fact, in the first four years of Phineas and Ferb they only met twice.

How old is Ash? Ah, and finally “Pokémon”. Ash started the show as a ten year old – apparently, that’s the age you start as a Pokémon trainer. But, throughout the years, he hasn’t aged much. In fact, he looks the same or, as some say, younger than before. He would be 30 by now, but some fans have other ideas about how he ages in the anime universe. There is even a video about one of the theories.

That’s all the facts we gathered for you for today. Which TV series were your childhood favourites?


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