What kind of chair is in your office? Is it important for you? Many people choose simple cheap office chairs and don’t even think about it twice. While others do want their chair to function properly as well as look good. For these people Porsche, a famous sports car company, introduced a special office chair, made from an actual seat of 911.

What’s so special about it? It’s an actual seat from 911, it has Porsche badge on it, all control levers and is upholstered in the nicest Porsche leather. Looks good too. Seat was made to hug the driver tightly and prevent him from rocking side to side while attacking corners aggressively, but it also has to be very comfortable on long journeys. Porsche has a large team of specialists, responsible for the ergonomics of their cars, so we can be sure that the new office chair is going to be comfortable enough on those long working days. Especially having in mind that everything is adjustable.

The height is adjusted the usual way, but the backrest is actually electric – like it is in 911. It uses a rechargeable battery, but you shouldn’t worry about charging it too often. Porsche says that even if you keep adjusting your backrest every day, you should only need to charge the battery 2-3 times a year. Armrests are adjustable too, so everyone can get comfortable in this chair.

Porsche released a video, advertising the new office chair and inviting people to dream more

This chair if from Porsche Masterpieces catalogue. Here you will find a clock designed as Porsche alloy wheel, a 1:8 scale model of 918 Spyder, speaker bar, made from 911 exhaust elements, and a book shelf created using the spoiler from GT3 Cup racing car. The last item specifically may be a little too much for most people, but if you have a nice clean garage you might be able to find a nice place for it.

Do you like this chair? Well, it is expensive. The price for it starts from €3,900, which is what many good used cars cost. However, if you have some money to spare and you want a nice accent in your office, showing everyone how much you like cars, why not?


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