Porsche is a legendary sports car manufacturer, operational for 86 years. It is an incredibly long history, full of huge achievements, rewarding moments, changes and endless efforts to make the best sports cars in the world. And, of course, in these years company produced a lot of concept cars that were important in one way or another. But which ones were the best according to Porsche itself?

Porsche has a genuinely good Youtube channel, which is not so common in automotive world. Here they had interesting series, called “Porsche Top5” and one video was dedicated to the best concept cars company has ever produced. Peter Varga, Director of Interior Design, and Ivo van Hulten, Director of Interior, presented these cars and explained why they were so significant for Porsche. In order not to spoil it, here is the video, watch it now.

So Porsche thinks that Typ 754 (ancestor of 911), 989 Concept (first Porsche sports car with four seats and four doors), Cayenne Cabriolet Concept, 918 Spyder Concept and Mission-e (future fully electric four seat car). Obviously, the Mission-e is the most important current car as it represents the future of Porsche. It was a huge hit in 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. But do you know what took to make it? It is actually documented in another video.

Porsche concept cars are always showing the change of direction of the entire company, so it is a good idea to watch them carefully. However, petrolheads hope that high-revving, extremely well balanced and fun to drive Porsche sportscars will not lose their character when company starts paying more and more attention to electric mobility. It will be a sad day when they fade away from the scene.

On the other hand, now Porsche is at its peak and a bigger range of models will allow it to grow quicker and invest more into what it does best – intoxicating sportscars.


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