Samsung Galaxy S8 is the king of the smartphone market. There is no denying that a handsome, extremely well-built and technologically advanced phone is really desirable at the moment. Sure it is a good-looking device, but some people just can’t help but notice that there is some room for improvement. Its body is already made of glass, so why not make it see-through?

The YouTube channel JerryRigEverything decided to try this out. It is clear that the creator of the channel has lots of experience with new smartphones and knows what he’s doing. There are many videos on the channel dedicated to testing new devices. JerryRigEverything really has no feelings towards new smartphones – devices are scratched, broken, dropped and even burned. Sure, there are many videos on YouTube in which new expensive devices are being tortured but JerryRigEverything is a bit different, since there is a feeling of professionalism through the tests.

He uses special equipment for scratching and can describe various internal parts of every device and, of course, does some pretty fun experiments. While testing the durability of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 he really liked its glass body, but got an interesting idea – what if it was clear?

So he took off the back panel and stripped it off of its paint. Some solvent was needed, but the colour came right off of the interior side of the cover. At this point, the phone could be put back together, but not much would be seen on the inside. JerryRigEverything then removed some screws and the wireless charging coil came off. He also cut out a big piece of the loudspeaker plastic. Then he put the phone back together and it really looked amazing.

It did lose some of its functionality in the process – wireless charging is not working anymore. The device is no longer waterproof either and warranty, of course, is gone. But other than that, it is still a perfectly working Galaxy S8. If you do decide to make your Galaxy S8 clear, you should watch this video. And then write us to tell how did it go.

And it is not a bad idea to subscribe to JerryRigEverything’s channel. His tests are thorough enough and there are many interesting experiments and projects.


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