Porsche is one of those automotive companies that never shy away from a challenge. By now it has achieved so much that it really doesn’t need to prove anything. It makes probably the best sports cars in the world, it has reached countless victories in sport competitions, it is demonstrating impressive business results – it’s got everything. But Porsche SUV’s, as popular as they are, really didn’t get their medals. However, the Cayenne has now finally reached a new level of fame.

Obviously, Cayenne is a very important car for Porsche. It basically saved the company – that’s how popular it was. But it is not a sports car – it is a heavy SUV. So what is it good for?

Well, as you will see in the video, it is good for road tripping from the UK to France in comfort. That comes as no surprise. And then it can tow an Airbus A380 out of its hangar. Wait, what?

It is a new achievement in the Guinness World Records books. A completely standard Porsche Cayenne SUV managed to pull the 284 tonnes of a plane over the course of 100 feet (30.48 metres). The previous record belonged to the Nissan Patrol, which towed an aircraft weighing 170.91 tonnes. So the record was not only broken – it was crushed to pieces.

As you might have noticed, it was just a common diesel Porsche Cayenne with a 4.2 litre engine that did it. Sure it is powerful and has lots of torque, but it is just an ordinary car – you can buy one like this tomorrow and pull another Airbus A380 if you want to. Porsche experts just had to make sure that pressure in the tires was correct and that the car was in a good shape.

One might notice that it is not the most powerful SUV on the market. We don’t know how long it will take for someone to beat this record but there is no denying that it is mighty impressive. Porsche is famous for its reliability, speed and handling. And now for pulling a seriously heavy plane. It didn’t even look like it broke a sweat…


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