JAWA is a well-known Czech manufacturer of motorcycles and mopeds. 2019 marks 90th year in JAWA history and during that time this company has created many memorable machines. The JAWA museum in Konopiště houses a nice collection of the very best of JAWA – come, take a look.

JAWA Moto was established back in 1929, in Prague, Czechoslovakia. It was founded by a local businessman František Janeček, who purchased the motorcycle division of Wanderer. In fact, that is how JAWA name was formed – JAneček WAnderer.

Czechs are very proud of JAWA. There are at least two JAWA museums in Czech Republic – one in Rabakov and one in Konopiště. If you’re a true JAWA enthusiast, you should probably visit both of them. In fact, you should also visit the National Technical Museum in Prague, where you can take a close look at JAWA 750 – a unique JAWA racing car. We visited the museum in Konopiště and this is what we saw.

The JAWA museum in Konopiště is rather small, but it is also packed with interesting motorcycles. Here you can see Suzuki and Hercules motorcycles, both featuring rotor engines.

The JAWA museum in Konopiště is around 1 hour drive from Prague. There are plenty of signs, directing you to this place. The museum itself is rather small, but it is packed with historic motorcycles, posters, pictures and trophies. All motorcycles in this collection still have original paint and, as far as we know, most of them are in working order.

In addition to a lot of polished motorcycles, the museum also displays trophies, historical documents, posters and pictures.
That’s what we call studded tires… Of course, this is not a motorcycle for street use.
The museum has a lot of racing bikes – in its day JAWA was big in motorsports.

The JAWA museum also has a nice collection of ČZ motorcycles. ČZ once belonged to Česká zbrojovka Strakonice, which was a major competitor of JAWA, but companies merged in 1948.

ČZ motorcycles.
JAWA enthusiasts will easily spend several hours in this museum.
Most exhibits are 100 % original and unrestored. We were told that they are also in working order.
JAWA 350 Nanuk with streamlined body – this motorcycle was used by Veřejná bezpečnost (Police forces of Czechoslovakia).
The oldest motorcycles are resting by the wall – some of them are over 80 years of age.
The museum displays several special Jubilee models from different decades.

If you want to see more, you will have to visit the museum itself. It is located very close to the famous Konopiště castle so it is definitely worth the drive.

JAWA Museum in Konopiště

Address – Konopiště 30, 256 01 Benešov, Czech Republic

The museum is closed on Mondays.

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