Tattoos are quite popular nowadays. Slowly but surely the negative stereotypes about people with tattoos are being forgotten. While some are very particular about inking their skin and want everything to have a deep symbolic meaning, others just want their tattoos to look good. And now tattoo parlours are getting ready to offer something completely new – sound wave tattoos that you can actually hear.

Many people choose to have a picture of their loved ones on their skin but portraits rarely look good. Usually faces look distorted and only slightly resemble the actual person. A name or a quote is a better option, but many people have names tattooed on their bodies, so it is not that original. Therefore, having some words, a laughter or a dog barking really makes perfect sense.

How is it done? Nate Siggard invented this technology called Soundwave Tattoos. Firstly you have to record the sound you want to have on your skin. An app then transforms it into a graphic sound wave which can be transferred to your skin by an experienced (and approved) tattoo artist. Later you can use the app to read these sound waves and you will hear words, music or whatever perfectly well – no distortion, no disturbance.

Here’s how it looks like

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is. A smartphone app is obviously not capable of reading sound waves off of someone’s skin. And even if it could, it would sound pretty bad – it simply cannot be done. So what is actually happening is that the app recognizes the image, finds the file in the database that it is linked to, and plays the recording.

Is it a hoax then? Not really. The company is telling the truth about how it works, it just chooses not to say everything in the videos that were meant to go viral. And since you have to record the sound anyway, you may as well use the recording. It is just better and more reliable.

This woman has a tattoo of her dog’s howl


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