Nowadays car commercials have employ a variety of visual effects to make them more dramatic and more memorable. However, not so long ago these methods and technologies were not available. Car advertisers had to use all their creative powers to make clips as appealing as possible. However, some car commercials now look just a little funny. We collected five weird, funny or interesting car commercials from the past for your amusement.

This is the second part of the series – we kindly invite you to check out the first article for more automotive ads.

Audi 100 was a huge success for the brand. It was a big, roomy saloon car, known for its toughness and reliability. With Quattro all-wheel-drive system it could pretty much go anywhere as seen in this commercial.

You might have noticed that a steep incline was a little too much for the good old Audi – you can clearly see a cable dragging it up. Of course, there is nothing wrong with using the cable to make the stunt possible – we’re sure that today they do the same trick. However, nowadays they would have put more efforts into disguising the cable. But in 1986, when this commercial aired, TV’s weren’t that great, so maybe people didn’t even notice.

Volkswagen Golf was always a very important car for the brand. Second generation Golf is probably one of the most iconic ones, as it was slightly better than the first one, but still had its round headlights, unlike the third one. However, it was never meant to be a luxury car, regardless of what this clip may trick you into thinking.

They say that the loudest thing in Rolls Royce is its interior clock. Now it looks like the loudest thing in Golf is squeaky jewellery – you can’t even hear the clock! It is quite funny, but we are slightly worried about the girl in the passenger seat – how come she did not wake up from that laughter?

Golf was the most popular Volkswagen, but not the only one. Passat was there too, trying to alter the image of the brand. A commercial with a blind date might have done the trick.

You see, the problem was that people used the word Volkswagen to basically describe the Beatle. A medium size sedan as Passat didn’t really fit well with people’s idea of what Volkswagen is. So the company decided to change it by once more repeating – it is not an Audi, it is just another Volkswagen.

But not everyone wanted just a reliable, efficient car – some people wanted to be more flamboyant than that. Opel Calibra was their answer – a small, affordable sportscar. Check its commercial out.

People loved modifying Calibra’s. In fact, they did it to a point that people do not really like them now. We forgot how good it was originally – aerodynamic, well-equipped and cheap. But the commercial still looks quite weird. Opel Calibra was never a particularly smooth or quiet car.

Some of you may not even know Opel Calibra at all. But everyone knows Fiat Multipla – a six-seater family car. Its unusual layout with three seats in the front may be admirable, but its design was just astronomically ugly. However, in this commercial it does look weirdly attractive.

Looks cosy, doesn’t it? We can ignore the fact that they showed Multipla’s front just for a fraction of a second – commercial still looks cool. Too bad the car was not really well-built and was ugly as dog’s vomit.

That’s all commercials we collected for you for today. Don’t forget to check out the first article if you haven’t done so until now.


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