Tanks are probably the most interesting piece of military machinery. In fact, in the language of common people tank is not a universal word for any other military vehicle with a large barrel. Obviously, in a war situation enemy tanks are intimidating and soldiers have to know proper techniques of defeating them. Here are a couple of instructional videos from the Second World War, teaching how to deal with enemy’s tanks.

Instructional films are a very interesting piece of military history. While it is intriguing reading manuals, old training videos are so easily available – YouTube is packed with them. People unfamiliar with this type of video may get surprised about how well they are made – they almost look like pieces from an actual movie. However, they do have some important things to say, so here, take a look at this instructional video, which was used to teach US infantry how to defeat German tanks.

As you can see, the narrator is having a beer during the filming of this video. And he is reading a script – he is basically an actor in this case. You may also notice the slang he is using – it is all increase relatability with the subject.

So what did we learn? You have to wait for a tank to get closer and then open fire at it to make its crew “button up”. It reduces visibility, which can be pretty much eliminated altogether by shooting at vision slits and periscopes . Then, when tanks get very close, grenadiers have to start shooting rifle grenades. Finally, time comes for some Molotov cocktails.

WW2 instructional films are very interesting to see. Similar movies were made to just inform people about what is happening in the war zone.


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