You would be surprised to see how big internet woodworking community is. Now if you want to start woodworking YouTube channel, you basically have no chance in succeeding, unless you really find a nw angle or your projects are something other have never done before. For us, people who watch these videos, it’s great, since we have so many choices and so many things to learn. But sometimes the video itself is the art and not what the person is making.

Paul Sellers is a lifetime woodworker. He uses handtools only and usually restores them by himself. He is an expert in sharpening and he is always glad to share his experience and skills with others. That is what his YouTube channel is all about. Actual project videos are quite rare in there. He often shows his techniques of cutting dove tails or other kinds of joinery, restoring hand planes, sharpening chisels and so on.

However, there are projects too and so much to learn from them. The way he is holding tools and how easily they go through the wood is something remarkable. But he does not show off. He wants to show that there is nothing magical about woodworking and people should stop mystifying it. It is simply cutting and shaping the wood until it looks and feels good.

Beginners will love his kitchen projects – spatulas, spoons and cutting boards. While the more advanced woodworkers will love seeing him build a wall clock or a dovetailed box. However, project or technique is not always the main focus of the video. Sometimes it is video itself that is a piece of art.

For example, this video of Paul Sellers.

Ok, it may not be to everyone’s taste. In fact, some hardcore woodworkers would rather hear him speak and describe the process, get some tips and information. But there is another side to it – some people who are not into woodworking, would love this kind of video for its peacefulness. However, many of them will never get to see it, because it is sort of determined that only woodworkers and people who are into it are subscribed to Paul Sellers.

It is not the only video like this on YouTube. Some woodworkers love this style of video. They basically make it into a music video, which some people really love. Paul Sellers, however, in these short clips does not even make anything. It is just art for the sake of it.

Do you like this kind of content on YouTube? As we see it, it is something beyond woodworking. It is something that could introduce more people to the hobby. Or at least videos are just something nice and make you relax for a minute.


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