Imagine yourself hiking somewhere in the mountains in Argentina, hundreds of kilometres away from the ocean, and encountering a dead whale. What would you think? That actually happened and people were truly shocked for a moment. Who placed a dead whale in the middle of nowhere? And how? Did it fall from a plane? Maybe aliens did that? Or maybe the poor animal wanted to visit the famous Andes mountain range and was crawling for months, but came a little short when it ran out of energy? The truth is a little bit more boring than what you’d imagine.

It is actually sculpture made of clay and mud, created by the famous Argentinian artist Adrián Villar Rojas. The choice of materials made this dead whale look somewhat realistic, especially from the distance. People who work near this location said that somewhere nearby there is also a lion made from the same material.

The sculpture got famous when the photographer Sergio Sebastián Sisterna posted it on Facebook. It is strategically placed on the land of the Eskenazi family, near the Parkinson mountain, which is an attractive location for hikers. So it is not a surprise that a whale in the middle of a semi-desert, hundreds of kilometres away from the ocean or sea got people confused.

On the other hand, imagine waking up one morning and thinking to yourself – “I wish I had a dead whale sculpture on my yard, that would be cool”. Life goals…


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