Five interesting automobile commercials from the past: why you don’t see a car in Lamborghini’s clip?

Five interesting automobile commercials from the past: why you don’t see a car in Lamborghini’s clip?

We buy cars relying on our own taste, suggestions from our friends and, sometimes, commercials. We always want a better, faster, better looking car and sometimes it just takes one short clip to make us change our bedroom wall poster to something else. We collected most interesting weird car commercials from the past, this time focusing on the dream cars.

All car enthusiasts have their dream car – something that is too expensive at the moment, but maybe someday it will stand in your garage. Did you ever dream about having a Lamborghini? Or maybe a Porsche? Or maybe you’re a muscle car guy and you wish you could drive around in a vintage Ford Mustang? We compiled commercials about all of these cars, but to start with let’s look at probably one of the best car commercials of all time, starring BMW M5 (E39).

Super saloons are mighty impressive vehicles that can do everything. While they are happy to tear up a race track, they can drive you to work or kids to school the very next day. BMW M5 is arguably the biggest name in the super saloon game and here is how E39 M5 was advertised back in a day.

We know exactly why we love this commercial so much – it is a surprise factor. When you look at the clip knowing it is a commercial for an M5, you are expecting it to speed past a land speed record car when rock music in the background gets louder and louder. But not this time – M5 was always in the front. M5 at the time was the fastest saloon car in the world and boy was it proud of it. This clip was uploaded to YouTube 11 years ago, in 2006, but it is older, since E39 ended its production life in 2003.

Now, BMW M5 is brilliant, but it is not a car for everyone. Meanwhile Porsche is a name you can’t help but respect, regardless of the vehicle. And for all good reasons – cars of this brand are fast, extremely high-quality, composed in racing tracks and engineered to perfection. And this is how you advertise it when you don’t have to prove anything anymore.

Classy. Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche walking casually through the history of the brand and stopping for a moment to adore a legendary 959 – what a commercial. This man is a pretty big name in automotive history as you might imagine. His dad was a founder of Volkswagen and Porsche brands and his son was one of the creators of 911.

Meanwhile back in the 1960’s Ford Mustang had to prove a lot to secure its presence in the market of sports cars. However, this commercial is a little bit weird in its characters.

Sure, a move-away steering wheel is a nice feature and the car looks good, but it is not the star of the commercial. A man got called by a mermaid, so he jumped into his Mustang and drove to the beach to see her – a perfectly sound commercial, we say. By the way, the steering wheel in this car is, according to us, one of the most beautiful in the automotive history.

Not everyone likes sports cars, so we can take a step away from them for a moment. How about luxury? Many people have Mercedes-Benz cars as their dream vehicles and we get it – they are posh, reliable and are a symbol of wealth and good taste. However, Mercedes drivers have a bit of reputation, which, intentionally or not, has been represented in this commercial.

Ok, this stereotype caries through many luxury brands, but it seems to have stuck with Jaguar and Mercedes drivers very tightly. On the other hand, this commercial does underline car’s key characteristics – dependability and four-wheel-drive system.

Finally, we come to Lamborghini – the original poster car, dream of all car enthusiasts, author of cars that got us into automotive culture. However, this commercial is actually quite unusual, let’s see if you can pick up why.

Yup, no Lamborghini in the video. While the clip is mostly about Sant’Agata, Lamborghini is really a star, even without ever showing up. Interestingly, not everyone got the point of this commercial so we kindly explain – green light for pedestrians is very short, because Sant’Agata is Lamborghini country.

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5 bizarre and funny car commercials from the past: do you know how to treat a LADA? (Video)

5 bizarre and funny car commercials from the past: do you know how to treat a LADA? (Video)

Selling cars is not an easy business, unless you are making ultra-cheap Ford Model T’s and people keep buying them because everything else sucks or is unaffordable. Therefore, car manufacturers now invest in ads in social networks and YouTube, as well as in image development, to make their cars look cool in the society’s eyes . However, before internet became a thing, automakers had to come up with really good ideas for TV commercials. Today NODUM presents the 5 weirdest automotive commercials. And that is something you just have to see.

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No, it’s a SAAB. Not so long ago Sweden had two large automotive brands – Volvo and SAAB. Volvo was always known for its safety and reliability, while SAAB was slightly more innovative and kind of crazier. Maybe it was just part of the SAAB spirit, since it began its history by actually making planes.

So take a look at this commercial of the SAAB 900 from the 1980’s.

Except its questionable production process and the lack of CGI to make the transformation a little more exciting, it is a pretty good piece. SAAB is using its strengths and is proud about being the only plane manufacturer to produces cars. But the SAAB airplane manufacturing practices never really translated into automotive endeavors. Furthermore, despite the fact that the parent company of SAAB Automobile did make fighter jets (and still does), some of the planes in these commercials were not made by SAAB.

Here is another example of SAAB trying to bridge the fighter planes and cars – a relation that simply did not exist.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI wasn’t even a car. There is no doubt that the Mk. 1 Golf GTI was a great car – it kicked off the entire trend of hot hatches. It was light and nimble and reasonably powerful for its size. And, unlike many other German cars, it had a sense of humor. So what would it’s commercial look like?

Some quirky 80s’music – a special German song, devoted to the greatness of GTI, some sideways action and a bold statement at the end.

So it turns out Volkswagen Golf GTI wasn’t even a car. Who would’ve though? It was a Volkswagen and not a car.

I like it going up and down. SAAB and Volkswagen ads were rather serious. MINI, however, always was a funny little car, meant to provide smart, comfortable way of travelling to everybody. And, of course, it was fun to drive too. But how do you encourage people to buy one? BMC, which owned MINI brand until 1968, decided to show that MINI suits everyone’s needs.

MINI had wind-up windows (big deal back in a day), decently powerful engine, incredible handling and looked rather nice too. So all of that had to be mentioned. Girl in bikini is enjoying windows a little too much…

Whoever you are, wherever you are, it is just a car for you. Commercial might be funny, but you shouldn’t laugh at MINI – it won the legendary Monte Carlo rally three times.

That’s not how to treat a LADA. Soviet Union and then Russia built many cars, many of which were absolute garbage. However, some of them were decent enough for them to make it to export markets, meaning that commercials had to be made to popularize them. For example, LADA Niva – a small SUV kind of thing. Nowadays we might even call it a crossover.

Here’s a commercial from Sweden, allowing you to relive Russian stereotypes and learn how to treat a LADA.

Do we have to tell you why this is funny? Well, let’s just say that Niva was not a hot hatch and didn’t really like going fast.

Strong, sturdy and with a will of its own. We mentioned Ford Model T before so it’s only right to show one of its commercials. There is no denying that Model T really got people into cars. It came right on time, cost just the right amount of money and with proper care it could reliably serve for years. But, apparently, it could also go off road.

It might seem counterintuitive, but technically all cars from early 1900’s had to go off road, because there were not that man good roads. So a strong vehicle, which would not fall apart after going into a ditch, was preferred. Can your car go into a ploughed field? Ford Model T definitely could.

There are many interesting automotive ads. Before fancy editing techniques and CGI took over, directors had to rely on their creativity alone, which sometimes produced very artistic and sometimes very funny results.

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