7 facts about BMW E30 that you might not know: M3 pickup? (Video)

7 facts about BMW E30 that you might not know: M3 pickup? (Video)

E30 is one of the most loved BMW‘s in the world. It is not immediately obvious why, but it is a nice car to look at. It features straight sharp lines and right angles. It is compact, yet athletic in a way. E30 is just full of character, which helped it to gain its international success. Today we present 7 interesting facts about E30 that you might not know.

BMW E30 – is the second generation 3 Series, produced between 1982–1994. In total, more than 2.3 million examples have been made, which means that the E30 is far from being a rare car. This is actually good, because people can modify it to suit their personal taste without remorse of damaging some historically valuable vehicle. In Nodum.org you can follow one of these projects – Martynas‘ E30 Coupe is getting restomoded into something rather interesting. But let’s jump into the 7 interesting facts about the E30.

The first Z Series car

BMW Z Series is a family of convertibles. You probably know the little Z3 and you have definitely seen the pretty Z4. However, the first Z car was actually the small and quirky Z1, based on the E30 325i running gear. It had a plastic body, an interesting shape and bizarre vertically opening sliding doors.

BMW Z1, the first Z Series car, was created using the running gear from E30. (Lothar Spurzem, Wikimedia(CC BY-SA 2.0 de)

The first M3

BMW M3 is now an iconic performance car, which we can trace back to the E30. BMW wanted to race, so the E30 homologation had to be passed and, as you know, street cars are needed for it. That is why in 1985 the E30 M3 was born. It was built using a coupe body, but arches were expanded using a boxed design. Some people like it and some people don’t, because it looks like a modification done in someone’s garage. The most powerful E30 M3 had a 175 kW 2.5 litre engine and could reach 100 km/h in around 6 seconds. The last E30 M3 was made sometime in 1992.

Boxed arches – a bit of a controversial feature of E30 M3. (Rudolf Stricker, Wikimedia)

M3 pickup?

M3 is a very practical performance vehicle. But making it into a pickup just doesn’t sound good. However, the only M3 pickup produced by the actual M Division was meant to be used in the facility to deliver parts. It was made in 1986 by converting a normal 3 Series convertible into a performance pickup with a 2 litre engine. Later it got a proper 2.3 litre engine and it was still being regularly used in the M Division campus until 2012. Many enthusiasts created their own E30 pickups as well.

E30 – one of the most important cars in BMW’s history

Many historians and BMW fans agree that the E30 helped BMW transition from building small sporty cars to larger luxury automobiles. E30 was the first 3 Series to be offered as a sedan and as anestate. It was also the first 3 Series to have an all-wheel-drive and diesel engine options. And the first BMW to sell in big numbers in the U. S.

Friendship with E36

E30 was being manufactured up until 1994, but its successor, E36, entered production in 1990. How can it be? Well, at first, E36 was only made as a coupe and until other versions were made available, the E30 was still being manufactured. It was slowly phased out. Touring (estate version of the E30) was the last E30 to leave the factory in 1994.

E36 and E30 were manufactured together for as long as 4 years. (OSX, Wikimedia)

You have to be smart to modify an E30

E30 is actually not an expensive car at all. Many car enthusiasts bought them and started modifications without knowing what they were doing. For example, bricks or a concrete slab in the trunk are known to have been used to improve the handling. Nowadays, it seems that people who pick up a E30 for restomoding projects modify their cars tastefully and such weird fashions don’t exist enymore.

E30 convertibles were featured in Top Gear as well. The popular trio tested three almost identical cars, but two of them were badly modified. And so, the least modified one won the challenges by a huge margin.

Claus Luthe

E30 was designed by the German car designer Claus Luthe. He is regarded as one of the most important people forming modern European car design. In his portfolio we would find not only E30, but also Audi 50, BMW E28, and Volkswagen K70. Have you ever been in an Audi 100 C2? Its interior also has been designed by Luthe. He also supervised the design process of the E31 8 Series.


Those are all the facts we compiled for you for today. We invite you to follow our series of articles about this E30 – Martynas’s E30 is taking shape nicely.

Did we miss something? What other important E30 facts have not been mentioned in the article?

7 Facts about Peugeot that you probably didn’t know: how Peugeot started and why it is not in Formula 1? (Video)

7 Facts about Peugeot that you probably didn’t know: how Peugeot started and why it is not in Formula 1? (Video)

Peugeot – a famous French automaker and a part of one of the biggest car corporations in the world. A famous lion logo marks several models that are particularly popular in Europe, but the company is striving to become truly global in the near future. Peugeot brand has a long history, but do you really know everything about it? In this article we list 7 facts about Peugeot that you might not know.

Peugeot company began by making coffee, salt and pepper mills. (Sebastian Koppehel, Wikimedia (CC BY 4.0)

Unexpected origins of the car maker. Peugeot company was founded in 1810 – it is much older than other mainstream car manufacturers. However, it did not make cars for a long time. At first Peugeot was making coffee bean, pepper and salt mills and later – bicycles too. The first Peugeot car, horribly unreliable steam-powered three-wheeler, came out only 1889. Only four where made. Later Peugeot started using Daimler’s internal combustion engines, until in 1896 first Peugeot engines were created.

Albert Lemaître won the first competitive motoring event with a Peugeot Type 6. Wikimedia

Peugeot won the first competitive motoring event. The first car race ever recorded was Paris to Rouen in 1894. There were some rules – cars had to be not dangerous, easy to drive, and cheap during the journey. “Easy to drive” basically meant that steam cars were not eligible to win. Albert Lemaître took the victory with his 3 hp Peugeot Type 7, although steam-powered De Dion-Bouton arrived before him. It took 6 hours 51 minutes 30 seconds for Lemaître and three of his passengers to reach the finish line in just 206 km race, but it is counting 1 hour and 30 minutes when he stopped to rest and to have lunch.

Mechanic could not resist stealing a car like this Peugeot. (Alf van Beem , Wikimedia)

First car ever stolen was Peugeot. Well, there is nothing to be proud about making the car that was the first to be stolen, but maybe that means that Peugeot cars were desirable? This happened in 1896 in Paris, when Peugeot of Baron de Zuylen was stolen by his mechanic. Sure enough, thief was caught and car was returned to its owner.

Peugeot Bébé – you can clearly see the hand of Ettore Bugatti. (Craig Howell, Wikimedia(CC BY 2.0)

Bugatti and Peugeot. Ettore Bugatti is a name we don’t have to introduce to automotive enthusiasts. He was the man, who created the famous Bugatti brand, which up until this day produces the fastest cars in the world. In 1912 Ettore Bugatti designed Peugeot Bébé with 850 cc four cylinder engine. You can definitely see Bugatti’s hand in the design.

Peugeot and Formula 1. Ok, so not everything went exactly as expected in Peugeot’s history. Brand tried stepping into Formula 1 and produced engines for several teams in 1995-2000 seasons. However, Peugeot engines proved unreliable and not as capable as those of other manufacturers. Peugeot pulled out of the game without getting a single victory.

More successful sport endeavours. Peugeot did achieve some respectable victories in car racing. There are three victories in 24 Hours of Le Mans, six victories in Dakar rally, four victories in World Rally Championship, three victories in Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and many more in Peugeot’s record. Also, Peugeot made very impressive hot hatches, so you really can’t blame this brand for not being passionate enough about performance and driving enjoyment.

1960s Peugeot car, like this 404, are considered to be extremely reliable. (Niels de Wit, Wikimedia(CC BY 2.0)

Peugeot cars of 1950s and 1960s are known for their reliability. Nowadays people complain about Peugeots not being as reliable as some other cars. However, in some places Peugeot is actually famous for its reliability and ruggedness. Manu Peugeot cars from 1950s and 1960s are still being used in Africa, Cuba and other places in the world.

Peugeot is growing stronger. The brand is trying to become truly global, to expand to new markets. It is said that when this goal is achieved we will see more exciting Peugeot sports cars.

5 facts about your favourite childhood TV shows

5 facts about your favourite childhood TV shows

Before the dawn of smart technology, television was extremely important in a child’s life. The rhythm of the days revolved around the TV schedule – you woke up earlier just to watch your favourite cartoons and came back running from the playground to see the latest episode of children’s TV shows. Now everything comes on demand, so children of today’s generation should learn to appreciate what we went through back in a day. Do you remember these TV shows? Today Nodum collected 5 interesting facts about your favourite children TV shows.

Did Tom and Jerry just kill themselves at the last episode? This is somewhat of a grim story as you might have guessed. In the “Blue Cat Blues” episode, which aired in 1956, a sad story is portrayed. Tom is sitting on a railroad track, while Jerry (who’s a narrator in this case) tells a story about Tom falling in love with a fancy-looking lady cat. However, there is another contender, who is richer, smoother and better looking. Tom does everything he can, even sells his arm and a leg, but at the end the love of his life gets married to the rich dude. Now Tom is awaiting a train to end his misery. Jerry states that he is happy about his girlfriend but at the last second he sees her pass by with another mouse with a “Just married” sign on the back. So now both of them sit on the track and wait for the end.

Hundreds of articles state that Tom and Jerry killed themselves. But did they really? They could survive everything – falling from rocks, getting hit by cars, electric shock and much more. So in this flexible reality they could’ve walked away fine after the train hit them. Furthermore, it wasn’t the last episode of the series – it continued for two more years.

On the other hand, this suicide scene was enough for the episode to be banned in several countries. There was something almost too real about the mood at the end of the episode that got some people into thinking that it might be a bit too much for the children.

Disgusting inspiration for “Dragon Ball”. This anime series was extremely successful. Aliens fighting other aliens using energy balls – what’s not to like? But did you know that “Dragon Ball” took its inspiration from two old fairy tales? The first one, “Journey to the West” is about a monkey boy travelling on a cloud and having lots of miniature things that could go to its normal size when he wanted them to. Nothing that interesting, but that is what inspired Goku.

The second one, “The Eight Dog Chronicles” (“Nanso Satomi Hakkenden”) was written some time in the 19th century. It is about a princess who had SEX with her father’s DOG. Then somehow eight crystal balls appeared and turned into people. Producers of “Dragon Ball” used seven balls to differentiate themselves from this ancient bestiality. Still gross though.

Where do Powerpuff girls live? In Townsville, of course – this is mentioned in every episode. However, three girls with superpowers could be living somewhere in the real world – or at least that’s what fans think.

The producers of „Powerpuff girls“ chose the word „Townsville“ for one reason – to make it as generic as possible, so that people would not think it is based on a real location. However, in one of the episodes a small detail was mentioned – the actual geographic coordinates of 32 degrees north and 212 degrees west. Fans quickly took the hint and checked these coordinates only to find a location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, far away from any land.

Phineas and Ferb – popular brothers who rarely meet. Phineas and Ferb is a TV series about two brothers not wasting a single day of their summer vacation. They are building roller coasters, fighting mummy zombies, flying to space, while their pet platypus is solving crimes.  Phineas and Ferb became the most recognized pair of siblings in the animation world, overtaking Liza and Bart from “The Simpsons”. However, the actors who provide the voices to the two characters are said not to meet very often. In fact, in the first four years of Phineas and Ferb they only met twice.

How old is Ash? Ah, and finally “Pokémon”. Ash started the show as a ten year old – apparently, that’s the age you start as a Pokémon trainer. But, throughout the years, he hasn’t aged much. In fact, he looks the same or, as some say, younger than before. He would be 30 by now, but some fans have other ideas about how he ages in the anime universe. There is even a video about one of the theories.

That’s all the facts we gathered for you for today. Which TV series were your childhood favourites?

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