Nodum.org is a website devoted to people who love learning something new every day. New articles are published regularly with subjects ranging from cars to technology, from science to travelling, from woodworking to popular history. Everything is connected by one thing – creativity, and that’s what this website is all about.

The word “Nodum” means “a knot” in Latin. It was chosen for two reasons. Firstly, it is a symbol of bringing many different subjects into one interesting place. Secondly, “knot” is an old nickname of the author of this page, Povilas Mažeika, from the times when no one was using real names on the internet.

As you might have already noticed, there are several categories. “Cars” is all about the automotive world, its news, trends, history, and car culture. “Technology and Science” hosts reviews and articles about the latest devices, scientific advancements and popular history. “Varieties” is all about funny little stories happening every day, interesting videos, the entertainment industry, weird facts, tips and everything that simply do not fit into other categories.

“Living in Nodum” is the big one. It is all about people who are creating things, who are not afraid to push boundaries or to look weird in the society’s eyes. It does not matter what this creativity produces: unconventional travelling ideas, tiny working model of a WW2 military off-roader, restored antique woodworking tools or a successful business. If you enjoyed the process of creating it, we would like to hear about it. In “Living in Nodum” you will also find articles about interesting museums we visited, places where common people are usually not allowed to go into, interviews with people with peculiar jobs, and an occasional article about motivation, dedication and all that good stuff.

Nodum is a knot of varieties, if you have something interesting to tell – contact us on Facebook.


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About Nodum

Nodum.org is a website dedicated to the most interesting news on the internet. Articles about automotive world, science and technology, popular history, interesting videos and many other subjects are published regularly. The biggest emphasis is put on creativity: interesting travelling destinations, hobbies, professions, places where people are not usually allowed to visit and so on. If you are doing something really interesting in your life that you would like to tell everyone about, contact us via our Facebook page, or send us an email to nodum2017@gmail.com.